Why choose us?

Geek Squad Alternative

Save Money with Simple Tech Innovations!

A complete PC Tune Up with virus cleaning is only $100 at Simple Tech! A tune up alone will cost you $99.99 at Geek Squad and if you need a virus cleaning too, your bill will be over $250 and can go even as high as $400. Do not pay too much for your computer tune up, optimization, and virus cleaning. Choose Simple Tech Innovations and save up to 60% compared to Geek Squad!

Professionals You Can Trust

You can find comfort in working with people you know. Simple Tech Innovations is a small, personable business where you will meet with familiar faces every visit. Read our testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us!

Shop Around

Compare our prices, reviews, and ratings with Geek Squad (and other service providers) before making your decision. You can view Simple Tech Innovations’ business and residential pricing right here on our website!

Aware Bear Alternative

Quite possibly the most important reason to choose Simple Tech Innovations over Aware Bear is our ongoing dedication to giving the best customer care to our clients, and it shows 100%. We open an hour earlier then Aware Bear so we can service our clients before they go to work, and will be extending our hours for those who work late. Our staff are flexible and have been known to come in early or stay late to take care of our customers.

A Proven Process with Same Day Service

At Simple Tech Innovations we provide same day service to our clients. In many cases, if you can get your computer to us in the morning on your way to work, we will have it waiting for you by the end of the day. We are constantly improving our processes to make your computer service experience the best in Monroe County.

Choose Simple Tech Innovations as your Aware Bear alternative.

Lytespeed Alternative

Pay Less For Tune Ups and Cleanings

You can save money by switching to Simple Tech Innovations! An in-store virus cleaning with tune up costs only $100 plus tax at Simple Tech! You get all the same benefits and features of Lytespeed’s “Deluxe Cleaning” for $20 less. Save over 15% with Simple Tech Innovations!

Flexible Hours!

Simple Tech Innovations is open weekdays from 9 AM until 6 PM and we also offer mornings, nights, and weekends by appointment! You can count on us to help you and your business without having to wait for us to open up shop. This can save your business time and money while working around your schedule.

Microworx Alternative and Soyata Alternative

Save Money

Simple Tech Innovations is a small company that designs your computer setup for you and the way you use your computer. Our tech’s offer great customer service at a fraction of the cost. Check out our pricing and compare it to your quote from Microworx or Soyata to see how much we can save