Two-Factor authentication also know as 2FA, adds an additional level of authentication to the account login process. Logging in using your username and password it is considered one factor of authentication. There are three types of authentication

• Something you know, such as a password or pin.

• Something you have, such as a phone, or key fob.

• Something you are, such as a bio-metric fingerprint or iris reader.

You’ve probably been using 2FA without even thinking about it e.g debit card and pin(something you have and something you know). This extra layer of security makes it harder for hackers to get into your account. In recent years 2FA has been become an option for many websites such as banking, email, and social media.

Most websites implement 2FA by sending you one time code over text message, or have you download an app. You can go to to find out how to turn on 2FA on your accounts, or if you’d like to turn on 2FA authentication for your whole company contact us today.